What type of traveler are you?
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Which traveler are you? We all have different travel styles. From bargain hunters to group gatherers, here’s some advice tailored to your particular way of adventure.

Weekend warrior

Are you the kind of traveler who loves quick trips to get out of town and check out new places? Weekends are short. Don’t waste your short free time sitting at home – start your trip Friday night! Pack your bags (and the car) before work Friday so you can hit the road as soon as you sign out. Research locations ahead of time and prioritize what you want to see, do, and eat. Check off your must-do items first – you only have a couple of days to explore!

Bargain Hunter

Are you always looking for the best deals on last-minute vacation rentals? Follow airlines and car rental companies on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. They often post last-minute, low-cost options on social media!

Four traveler friends walking with arms around one another on golf course

Four traveler friends walking with arms around one another on golf course

Adventure Addict

If your vacation photos include hiking, climbing, or skydiving, you may be an adventure addict traveler. Wherever you go, make sure to have local experiences. Eat at roadside food stands, visit bars frequented by area residents, and talk to strangers. Ask locals about what they like to do, and you may learn of awesome not-crowded attractions from empty beaches to quiet ski hills and beautiful hikes.

Digital Nomad

Do you work and travel at the same time? Remote work is so flexible it can be tough to shut off your brain. Set up a workspace with your laptop, headphones, and chargers when you get to a new vacation house rental. Use this space only for working. When you’re done for the day, walk away, and it’ll be easier to get out of the work mindset once you’re no longer in your temporary office.

Group Gatherer

Are you always getting the crew together to spend the weekend at last-minute beach rentals or road trips across the state? Whimstay’s Split Payment feature allows you to split your total payment with fellow travelers during the checkout process. With Split Payment, you no longer need to track people down via other payment apps or chase down friends and family to pay their share.

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