Six pieces of advice for solo travelers
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Solo travel is an awesome way to see the world. You can go where you want, do what you want, and experience the freedom of travel in a unique way. Here are some travel tips for making the most of your solo trip while staying safe.

Stay connected.

As a solo traveler it’s important to charge your phone daily so you can quickly reach out to friends, look up destinations, access real-time maps and download offline maps if available. Research ahead of time if you may need to use a different charger plug than the typical two-prong device. Bring an external battery and its charging cable if you often forget to charge up when you have an outlet or if you’re going places that don’t have reliable power!

Plan your route.

An often overlooked travel tip: plan a loose route ahead of time and share it with at least one person so they can check in and know where you should be. Share a general location, or the towns you’ll be stopping in, even if you don’t know exactly where you plan to stay. Use Whimstay to find last minute stays along your route and share your booking confirmation with a friend or family member so they know where you’re staying.

Traveler sitting in airport with feet resting on the bag watching airplane out window

Traveler sitting in airport with feet resting on the bag watching airplane out window

Learn to read a map.

The ability to read a paper map is also helpful in case your phone battery dies! Look into map keys and practice finding where you are on a map based on points of reference such as buildings, statues, or parks. Don’t hesitate to ask people for directions or to point out where you are on a map if you get disoriented!

Find awesome lodging.

As a solo traveler, you’re responsible for the entire bill for your accommodations. Don’t let that stop you from staying at incredible places with cool amenities! Consider booking last minute vacation rentals to save money while staying in a unique mountain cabin, historical farmhouse, or even a beachfront home! Look for amenities like a full kitchen if you plan to cook and high-speed Wifi if you’ll be working during your stay.

Listen to your intuition.

Solo travel requires extra awareness of your surroundings. Make sure to listen to your gut feelings. If you enter a restaurant and it doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to get out of there and find somewhere else to eat. Your nervous system may pick up on threats that you’re not fully aware of.

Ask for photos.

Sometimes a selfie can’t quite capture the stunning view behind you. Ask passersby to take your photo so you can see everything in the picture! Nervous about someone taking your phone? Ask another tourist taking their own photos to trade – you take a photo of them, and they’ll take one of you!

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