5 Tips for Stress-Free Summer Travel
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Are you overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the typical vacation? Don't worry; there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path options to find peace during the summer buzz. According to the latest travel trends, slow tourism is the way to go. Instead of fighting the crowds, choose a small town with history and take the time to really get to know the place. Stay for four nights instead of two or a week instead of just a weekend to truly immerse yourself in the local culture. Also, ditch the anxiety of planning and go with your gut when wanderlust strikes. Besides, a vacation should be fun – not a burden. To help, here are 5 tips for stress-free travel planning this summer:

Hit the hay at a farm stay

If you’re looking for a unique experience, why not try a farm stay? You can try your hand at farm chores like picking fruits and veggies or feeding the animals. Vacation rental sites like Whimstay can help you find the perfect location to rest your head for a few days. Soak up the solace of life on the farm, whether it’s horseback riding, collecting eggs, or simply lounging on the deck with a book in hand.

Sundown at the farm

Sundown at the farm

Consider shoulder season

Avoid the crowds at popular summer destinations by thinking outside the box. Consider visiting places that are off-season (otherwise known as “shoulder season“), like ski towns or desert destinations. You’ll get lower rates and plenty of activities to keep you busy. Hit the trails in a popular ski town and get a different alpine perspective. Or enjoy spending desert days poolside during the head of the day. Then opt for more nighttime activities when the town comes alive with art walks, culinary events, and more. Choosing to travel during the slower season doesn’t just save you money; it also helps the community as you support local businesses that are striving to drive more revenue during their slow season.

Ski towns are summer dream destinations for last minute travel. this is a photo of a ranch in vail colorado with a lake and the mountains in the background.

Ski towns are summer dream destinations

Dream up a theme

Make your road trip more fun by choosing a theme. Whether you’re a fan of Hamilton or BBQ, there’s a route out there perfect for you. You can also search for the best ice cream spots or visit wacky roadside attractions along the way to your stay. Have a rambunctious bunch? Create an activity list of affordable fun to do during your trip, and have fun checking off boxes during your vacation. Consider it an active scavenger hunt. Get creative and make your trip memorable.

Cadillac Ranch off I-40 outside of Amarillo

The wonder of wacky roadside attractions

Be spontaneous

Don’t forget to check for last minute deals on vacation rentals. Sites like Whimstay offer great discounts to travelers willing to book open nights. Let the deal determine your destination and open yourself up to something new this summer! You’ll be surprised and delighted by the gems you can discover. You might even find a unique option like a yurt or treehouse for a fun twist on your vacation. Embrace spontaneity and find a new favorite vacation destination!

man jumping from cliff on a last minute vacation

Jump when wanderlust calls

Think small

Finally, think smaller when it comes to your destination. State parks and small towns offer excellent opportunities to hike and connect with nature without the crowds. Embrace the tranquility of a quiet hike and enjoy the peace and quiet of a hidden gem. With so many options out there, there’s no need to fight the crowds this summer.

family hike in the quiet forest during a last minute vacation

Enjoy peaceful trails and less crowds

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