Whimstay Guide for Barefoot
3 mins

How to Activate Whimstay on Your Barefoot Portal


  1. Click the “PARTNER” button at the top. Find Whimstay in the list, then click “Whimstay”
  2. Accept Whimstay’s Terms & Conditions by clicking the “accept” button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Click the “SETTINGS” button, then click “Partner Settings”
  4. Select Whimstay under the partner drop-down list. Then set your dates – these are the calendar dates that will be enabled for Whimstay. The system defaults to only enabling 6 months. Please edit these dates to at least a 1-year window so we do not have to re-enable our connection.
  5. Request to create a Reservation Type – please send a ticket through your Barefoot ticketing system to request the reservation type to be set up.


Please contact Whimstay’s Account Management Team at: hostsupport@whimstay.com

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