Whimstay’s Holiday Travel Checklist
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The holidays can be a joyful time to see loved ones and enjoy the magic of the season. After several years of little to no travel due to the pandemic, many people are starting to travel again while keeping their health and safety–along with others'– in mind. Make your adventures as low-stress as possible with this holiday travel to-do list.


Check out your destination

You don’t have to create a day-by-day itinerary for your last minute trip, but it can be helpful to research your destination ahead of time, so you know a few places you want to visit and what to expect. Look into well-rated restaurants, must-see museums, and awesome activities. Check websites for briefings on policies in place, hours of operation, and guidelines for visiting.

Decide your method of transport

Are you traveling by plane, train, bus, or road tripping? Driving is often considered safer because you’re not exposed to many strangers in close contact and have more flexibility when it comes to timing your journey. But that may mean being behind the wheel for many hours. Flying can be convenient but might require some extra precautions. It’s also important to research transportation options to and from your vacation rental. Public transit, ride-hailing services, and car shares are all great ways to get around a new city without a big budget. Look into what is accessible where you’re renting and plan accordingly.

Purchase travel insurance

You never know when you won’t be able to make a trip – even when you wait until the last minute to book one. Avoid losing money on everything from lodging to transit by purchasing travel insurance. These policies will cover canceled reservations, lost luggage and even medical evacuation costs if you go somewhere and have to leave due to health issues. Whimstay offers the option to purchase travel protection at checkout. With travel protection, you can get reimbursed up to 100% of your prepaid trip costs if you cancel your trip for a covered reason and get access to valuable assistance services including 24/7 emergency assistance, concierge services, on demand medical care, identity theft resolution, and roadside assistance. 

Consider personal Covid precautions

Think about where you’re headed and whether you want to wear a mask on your journey. Should you get vaccinated before you leave? Are you going to be with immunocompromised people? You may want to quarantine and test before seeing them to avoid passing along any sicknesses. Most airlines and public places like restaurants are following CDC guidelines. This is a good place to start formulating your covid travel safety plan.

A last minute trip to the mountains makes for a great holiday getaway

A last minute trip to the mountains makes for a great holiday getaway


Create a health safety kit

In a small bag, place a travel-sized hand sanitizer, disposable masks, disinfectant spray, and a couple of covid tests. You may need these items during your travels, and it’s helpful to have them on hand instead of having to locate them in a new place. 

Decide what you need on your person

You should always bring a few key items on your person, such as travel documents, identification documents, vaccination records, and medications. Stash this kit in an outer pocket in your carry-on so it’s easy to grab. Everything else can go in a larger piece of luggage stowed in a car trunk or under a plane. 

Procure drinks and snacks

If you’re nervous about removing your mask to eat in transit, be sure to have a full meal beforehand to avoid getting hungry or plan ahead and research places to step outside and snack outdoors. Stay hydrated before hitting the road or getting on the plane to prevent headaches and dry skin. Bringing electrolyte mixes also helps keep your body adequately fueled while in transit.



Protect yourself from germs

Before sitting down on a plane, use a disinfecting wipe to clean the armrests, seat belt buckle, headrest, and seat back table in front of your seat. You can also sanitize the window cover and cover handle if you’re sitting in the window seat. If your airline lets you choose a seat, try to social distance as best as possible, keeping a seat between you and the next passenger. 

If you’re driving, keep a mask where it’s easily accessible so you remember to put it on when desired. Stash a bottle of hand sanitizer in an easy-to-reach place so you can sanitize when you get in the car after pumping gas or cleaning your windshield. 

Upon arriving at your vacation rental, rest assured that every unit has been professionally cleaned and disinfected. Whimstay only partners with reputable property management companies for last minute bookings. These companies share our commitment to ensuring the safety of our guests throughout their stay and do everything they can to make sure your home is clean and stocked for your arrival.

Grab food on the way

If you plan to avoid restaurants, stop at a store for must-haves from breakfast granola bars to sandwich supplies and simple dinners for those days you’ve been adventuring and need an easy-to-make, low-effort dinner. You’ll be glad you grabbed the essentials before heading to your affordable vacation rental, so you don’t wake up the next day and realize you have nothing to nom on without leaving your cozy lodging.

Enjoy yourself

Travel can be less stressful and more fun when you’re enjoying the journey and not just hustling to the destination. Don’t forget to stop at cool sites along your driving route or meander the airport looking at fun regional souvenirs and people-watching other travelers. Stick to your personal health and safety measures to have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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