Secure Stays: Elevating Safety for Women Travelers
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Adapting to the Rise of Women Explorers: Security Strategies for Property Managers. Learn how to create a secure, welcoming environment that caters to their unique needs and elevates your property’s appeal.

Imagine stepping into the shoes of the modern woman traveler – a demographic reshaping the travel industry. Did you know that in 2024, a reported 54% of women have expressed plans to travel alone? This trend is not new; statistics from 2020-2021 by Condor Ferries revealed that a staggering 84% of solo travel ventures were booked by women. Moreover, post-pandemic data in 2023 shows a 36% increase in searches for solo travel. Emerging last-minute leader Whimstay reports nearly 70% of their bookings are made by women. As a property manager, these figures underscore the need to cater to the unique safety needs and preferences of women travelers. Implementing strategic safety measures not only provides a secure and comforting environment but also positions your listings as thoughtful and trustworthy, enhancing your reputation and encouraging repeat business.

Provide Detailed Pre-Arrival Information

Communication is Key: Think about the mix of excitement and nervous anticipation when traveling to a new place. That’s what many solo women travelers feel. Offering detailed pre-arrival information, including directions and transportation options, is like extending a reassuring hand. Highlight “dead zones” for wireless providers that may occur along their route and ensure well-lit parking and pathways. A quick, welcoming check-in message post-arrival can alleviate anxiety, setting a comforting tone. Add a special touch with a customized welcome goodie bag, complete with safety essentials and personal touches like local emergency numbers, a map of great jogging routes, small clip-on LED lights, and a personal safety alarm.

Invest in Advanced Security Features

Safety First: Security isn’t just a feature; it’s a feeling. Equip your property with robust locks, well-lit exteriors, and motion-sensor lighting. Communicate the presence and operation of any on-site cameras. Offering personal safety devices and smart security devices like Nest smoke alarms enhances peace of mind, signaling ongoing monitoring. A noted 24/7 contact can be invaluable for immediate assistance, ensuring guests sleep soundly, knowing they are secure.

Create a Safe and Inviting Space

Comfort Inside: A guest unwinding with herbal tea, immersed in a book from your empowering mini-library, epitomizes the experience you aim to create. Ensure the interior of your property feels safe and private, with locks on bedroom and bathroom doors, adequate window coverings, and a visible emergency information packet. Small motion-sensitive night lights and well-marked light switches help aid in navigating their home away from home. Emergency supplies like flashlights and batteries, with clear instructions on their location, further enhance security. Strong and secure Wi-Fi connectivity is another crucial element for guest comfort and safety.

Offer Regional Insight and Emergency Contacts

Local Know-How: Beyond the comforting confines of your property, adventure awaits. Equipping your guests with a guidebook full of local insights empowers them to explore with confidence. Highlight women-led local establishments, offering both support to women entrepreneurs and valuable experiences for your guests. Mentions of a local support network, including neighbors and business partnerships, invite guests to feel connected and invested in your local community.

Seek and Act on Feedback Continuously

Continuous Improvement: Building a community starts with a conversation. Encourage guests to share their insights during and after their stay. A quick text or a shared digital space for guests to contribute their own tips and tricks fosters a supportive network of travelers. This approach not only improves your offerings but also builds trust and loyalty among solo travelers.

In every lock installed, every emergency number listed, and in the warm welcome of a goodie bag lies your commitment to the safety and comfort of women travelers. This isn’t just property management; it’s creating sanctuaries for those seeking unique and meaningful experiences. And when they leave as advocates for your brand, it’s clear: the safest stays create the most lasting memories.

Adapting to the Rise of Women Explorers: Security Strategies for Property Managers

Adapting to the Rise of Women Explorers: Security Strategies for Property Managers

This article was first written for Barefoot Technology and published on their website. To check out another great Barefoot post by Whimstay, click here

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