Discounts on Last-Minute Short-Term Rentals Could Be the Next Big Thing
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Will startup Whimstay be the next Hotwire or Priceline in offering last-minute rates at a discount for vacation rentals? Dennis Schaal from Skift gives his take on Whimstay!

Dennis Schaal from Skift gives his take on Whimstay – a platform focused on discount vacation rentals.

Schaal writes, “Whether it’s via Whimstay or others, the Hotwire-like selling of last-minute inventory for vacation rentals is destined to find a role in this very hot sector.”

“Will startup Whimstay be the next Hotwire or Priceline in offering last-minute rates at a discount for vacation rentals?”

“That speculation is premature. But, the problem Whimstay is solving will indeed find a significant niche in the short-term rental sector.”

Whimstay is the leading vacation rental marketplace for property managers looking to increase occupancy rates by filling their unsold nights, last minute.  We offer exclusive discounts to travelers on expiring inventory while driving additional revenue for property owners. Our platform delivers a best-in-class user experience via a mobile app and website and provides hosts with top-notch support and an intuitive platform which makes filling last-minute inventory easy.

According to recent market data, nearly half of Next Gen travelers are waiting to book travel with a shorter lead time. Moreover, travelers are increasingly booking airfare and transportation, while waiting to book accommodations closer in. In fact, over 10% of Whimstay travelers note that “the deal determines the destination”. This means the best rates on travel and stays will inform them of where they go next. With last minute travel on the rise, Whimstay aims to meet the needs of a burgeoning market in travel.

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